A vast universe of mini-games, PvP, exploration and adventure. Open to all Minecraft Premium players, come and discover this vast world, and challenge your friends.



Enjoy a  unique  free world

The hub is a vast area to explore. Find treasure chests, meet other players and compete in mini-games, or buy and explore your own island, with your own vehicles!

Take part in our  games 

A wide choice of games! Alone, in duels or in teams, choose to explore, farm or fight!

Factions Game

Organize factions, build bases, protect your territory and resources, and engage in looting to dominate the server!

Bridge duels

Challenge another player. Defend your side and score in his. You're both equipped with combat and construction stuff.

Bow duels

Challenge another player. Use your bow and the equipment at your disposal to eliminate the other player before he eliminates you.

Sumo duels

Challenge another player. Use the strength of your fists to knock the other player off the platform before he knocks you down.

Coconut wars

Death match in teams of 3. Use the coconut shells at your disposal to eliminate the opposing players.

Jetski races

Ride a jetski and take on other players in a race on the water around the main island. The fastest wins.

Soccer games

5-point match in teams of 1 to 3 players. Send the ball into the opposing team's goal to score a point.

Treasure hunt

As you wander around the main island (lobby), you may be lucky enough to come across a chest containing unique rewards!

A huge universe !

Discover the entire main island and all its secrets and hidden features! Meet other players and engage in duels.

 Play2Earn  server

To encourage competition, we've set up a leaderboard, which gives out a reward every week!
The contest on which the reward is awarded varies. To check the leaderboard, go to the App section.