Posted on 2022-05-19 16:16:43

Thank you to everyone who attended yesterday's AMA !  

The recorded version is now available right here : https://youtu.be/sJVyuyuCxlU

To summarize the most important announcements :

The BETA of our Metaverse will be opened on June 22, 2022 for all Passport owners (take advantage of all the events in Discord with Crew3 and Trivia to get yours). 🏝️ 

A brand New Web.3 Website will be launched to update the image of the project and allow :

- The download of the Metaverse launcher (MAC and Windows)

- The creation of your islander profile via Wallet-Connect

- Explore the Metaverse and the project's news

- And other things to come

As for the details of the BETA and its content, I let you listen to the AMA 🤫